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Financial Metropolis On The Main River

At the time of the Romans, there must have been a settlement on the banks of the Main already, which could have been the origin of today’s Frankfurt. A walled Roman camp that was abandoned in 250 B.C. serves as a refuge for the people, as it lies on an island and can withstand the floods of the Main. In the early Middle Ages, the ford over the river became an important passage for heavy loads and trade. Small boats that commute from shore to shore are used to carry people. Only in the High Middle Ages, a bridge directly over the Main is mentioned, but it had to be constantly renewed because it constantly received damage due to floods and ice. In the course of time, two city walls were built around today’s old town until 1200. In the 14th century, the town grew rapidly and became the center of the cloth trade. More than 300 weavers came to Frankfurt during the fairs, which meant an enormous number of participants in the late Middle Ages, indicating good sales markets. Other areas such as art, culture and literature soon gained in importance as well. From the 15th century onwards, for example, Europe’s most important book fair took place, which was revived in 1949. Since 1866, the city has been occupied by Prussia and became part of the German Empire. After the so-called Frankfurt Peace of 1871, the town was able to return to cultural life, also thanks to French reparations. The opera house was then built in 1880. It was only after Frankfurt was annexed to Hesse after World War II that it began to play an increasingly important role in Germany, both economically and financially. With the construction of the major airport, which was unique in the Federal Republic of Germany, the city developed into an economic, financial and cultural metropolis.

Highlights Of Cultural And Artistic Expression

The Opera House does not only specialize in classics, it’s the most important West German stage for Brecht performances and by far one of the most important stages in the city. Berthold Brecht – the founder of this epic theatre – is the forerunner of the productions which are analytically distanced and intended to encourage the audience to think and not just to empathize. With his Threepenny Opera and the Rise And Fall Of The City Of Mahagony, the writer achieved world fame. Since the 1960s, the dramaturges Harry Buckwitz and Peter Palitzsch have taken advantage of this in Frankfurt and revolutionized the Alte Oper in Frankfurt with their spectaculars. In addition to the state stages, the metropolis also offers four private and independent theatres called Komödie, Fritz Rémond Theater, Mundartbühne and The English Theatre. Especially after the student movement of the 70s, the city has developed a varied and special stage landscape that is second to none. Explore the venues with a hostess from our escort service in Frankfurt and witness the change in theatrical possibilities!
For the extravagant taste of music, it is worth taking a look at the concert halls of the metropolis. The varied program offers live shows ranging from jazz, blues, rock, pop, rap and hip-hop to classical music and folk music – everything you could wish for. Event venues such as the Jazzkeller, Die Fabrik, Feinstaub or the Orange Peel are the right places for this. The concert halls are not only interesting for young people and party people, but also for demanding audiences and stylish guests. The acoustics, the spectator stands and the design of the buildings attract everyone almost magically. Definitely worth a visit if you want to experience something extravagant in Frankfurt.
One characteristic aspect of Frankfurt is the location of the museums, since many of them are located directly on the banks of the Main. For lovers of the fine arts, the first destination is the Städelmuseum, which is divided into three main collections: the “Old Masters” from 1300-1800, the “Modern Era” from 1800-1945 and the “Present Era” from 1945 onwards. A similar connotation is hidden behind the concept in the Icon Museum of the Dr. Schmidt-Voigt Foundation. Here you can admire the whole variety of Christian Orthodox images of saints from the 15th to the 20th century. The Liebieghaus Sculpture Collection, which opened its doors for the first time in 1909 and presents objects from antiquity to the present day, offers a contrast to this. Furthermore, the Museum of Communication is all the more exciting, and not only for those who enjoy experimenting. You can set exhibits in motion yourself and try out some basic electrical processes. However, if you want to learn more about the history of the region, you can visit the Historical Museum or admire the wonders of modern building styles in the Museum of Architecture. There are no limits to your creativity and you can share all your impressions and experiences with our escort ladies.


The association is obvious: when one thinks of Frankfurt am Main, one thinks primarily of the Frankfurt Book Fair or the International Automobile Exhibition, the financial center or even the major airport. But the city has a lot more to offer. The Luminale takes place regularly in spring, where innovative and very expressive light installations are shown in public places. They can be brightly lit parts of buildings, facades, chains of lights around objects or projections on large and small surfaces. A very impressive spectacle that decorates the city for a few days. In autumn, the Intellectual Weeks take place, which are intended to promote multicultural aspects and diversity of the ethnic origin of its inhabitants, as well as religious dialogue.

Gastronomy And Exquisite Cuisine

German delicacies await you in a maritime and tasteful ambience in the Goldman Restaurant, which offers a view of the banks of the Main. Grossmanns, on the other hand, offers regional products for finely created culinary delights in a stylish, bright interior. The Holbeins stands out from the crowd with its charmingly cool atmosphere, and a mixture of glass, steel and leather seats, and very light and tasty menus. For an exclusive taste from overseas, the restaurant Loft 52 captivates by well arranged Tex-Mex dishes and American style. For insider tips among the restaurants and gastronomy of the city, we recommend an escort call girl from our agency, who can show you the best that Frankfurt has to offer.

Night Owls In The Financial Metropolis

After an extensive exploring tour following traces of the historical city up to the modern age and a culinary pleasure in one of the exquisite restaurants, we can also recommend the nightlife of Frankfurt. The Lounge EDMW is a convivial place with special optical highlights, such as the meter-long aquarium embedded in the wall, which sometimes serves as a light source. Cozy white leather sofas with matching black ebony tables and palm trees give the feel of an exotic world. In Klainlaut & Brown, cocktail fans get their money’s worth, and the pub character of the night bar has a rustic and eerily cozy feel to it. Moloko and Zanzibar are also trendy bars which make your heart beat faster: nice guests, service, charming music and a meeting place not only for tourists. From there, you can go to the clubs of the city, explore and enjoy the night.
The Cocoon Club, Velvet or Odeon invite to dance. Especially the Odeon Club is extraordinary, because it is already illuminated from the outside. Inside there is a dance floor, a lounge and a well-stocked bar in retro-royal style, but not tawdry. Two sunrooms and an outdoor area round off the symphony of visual impressions.


You don’t have to do without comfort and elegance in Frankfurt! The Holiday Inn, Marriott Hotel, Mövenpick Hotel or Sheraton Frankfurt will make your stay very relaxed. The pool and massage or gym facilities will also get your mind off things during a short visit. Especially if the evening is sweetened by a Call Girl who reads every wish from your eyes.