Terms & Conditions


Goldmember Escorts requires a 30% deposit of the agreed booking fee, in case that a model has to travel more than 100 km from her domicile.

Making an advanced reservation ensures that your choice of model is exclusively available for you at the desired time. We recommend booking your model 1-2 days prior to your desired date, if she has to travel nationwide or the booking duration is longer than 12 hours. If you want to book your dream girl as a travel companion, we recommend a booking to be made 1-2 weeks prior to departure.

Certainly, we always do our best to satisfy your requests -no matter how short notice or individual they are.

Service fees

The escort services must be paid in cash, enclosed in an open envelope, personally to the person booked, at the beginning of the service provision. We accept payment only in Euros. Please make sure to have the requested amount in euros before starting the date. For security reasons our models are not allowed to accept 500 Euro banknotes.

Stated booking fees cover the service of one model for one customer. The service fee has to be multiplied by the number of models and customers, if the number of involved persons is more than two.

The escort service for couples (man and woman / woman and woman) is handled different as the service fee amounts to 50% more. This is not applicable for our companion service.

Travel Allowance

The travel allowance covers meals and incidentals that occur during the journey to and from the mutually agreed destination. Costs of train- and/or flight tickets will be charged separately.


Once a booking is confirmed, a service fee for cancellations will apply.
Early cancellations (more than 24h prior appointed time) will be refunded less a 50€ cancellation fee. In case of cancellations at short notice (less than 24h prior appointed time) 50% of the deposit will be kept to pay the damage and expenses incurred by the cancellation. Costs of booked flight- or train tickets can not be reimbursed.

Very unlikely, but it always can be possible that there is not that special feeling between you and your escort lady. If you meet the model and she is not according to your expectation, please call the agency as soon as you meet each other and let the escort politely know about your decision. However, we need to charge the arisen costs (travel costs) as well as a fix allowance of 100 Euro.