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KoelnCologne was declared by the Romans to a city and has an extensive history as the greatest metropolis of North Rhine-Westphalia with a 2000 year old history, with over one million inhabitants. Cologne is known for its architecture and numerous cultural events and enjoys international reputation. Every year more and more tourists come to Cologne, not only to enjoy the carnival in the southern part of the city. As one of the most important economic turning points of the region, the place proves to be an interesting blend of medieval atmosphere of the buildings of the former commercial storage facilities, the idyllic harbor is an important inland port in Europe and today's picturesque ambience of modern architecture and the serenity of the former Prussian domination, and conflicts with the French neighbors. A mixture of past, present and future await you in Cologne. Indulge yourself in a charming companion from an escort lady in Cologne on an adventure that you can experience it as such only with her.

Culture and Art in Cologne

Koelner-DomThe city has a long cultural tradition and may well include nationwide as one of the most important venues for contemporary art. No other city has so many free galleries and exhibitions, artists, cafes and networks for newcomers as Cologne. Since the sixties it will develop into a major city and trading center for art objects with the appropriate trade shows, events and patrons. In addition to modern art museums, you are invite to visit the show from antiquity to modern times and works by renowned artists. What is even more exciting are little exhibition houses that lie hidden in the inner city such as the Chocolate Museum ... A symphony of sweet cravings expect you and you can even look over the shoulder of the manufacturer, while snacking. You could try this with the escort of your choice and engage in a very special guided tour.

Theater and Stage in Cologne

What do your heart desires - on the stages of an extensive program of Cologne you will find it. An extravagant spectacle with excellent actors are offered in the theater Arcadas. No coincidence that the location is called in the vernacular the stage of cultures. A special highlight of any stay in Cologne is certainly the variety of performances ranging from dance theater, theater for children up to the experimental theater and pick up from all corners of the world issues. On the other hand, you can also see classic dramas such as in the theater, which offers a wide range of classics such as Schiller, Goethe and Shakespeare.

Nightlife, clubs and bars in Cologne

But if you are more interested in the musical ideas of the city, then take a look at the night scene, with the the Underground, E-Werk or the Live Music Hall, the splendor sparked the modern music world. Whether rock, pop, hip hop and indie pop - it captivates the visitor. Sometimes provide special entertainment for the stylish club with salsa and tango music. Let us accompany our dance by an escort lady in the Petit Prince or in the Herbrand and you left out all night in order to be able to fall into her arms ...

Enjoy a cocktail at the Rosebud, take a drink with your escort lady in the Salon or stroll just over the Aachener Strasse. You will be amazed at how many excellent bars and clubs have settled there in recent years.

Restaurants in Cologne

In Cologne, there are numerous restaurants that are worth a visit. You want to go on a culinary journey? The lady of the escort service in Cologne will accompany you and show you their favorite addresses. You like the French kitchen? Then you can experience the culinary delights in the restaurant La Societe. Italian cuisine at its best you will get in the La Vita.
But what would be Cologne without the famous Päffgen .. Here you will discover the traditional, German food and drink with your escort lady from Cologne a fresh, cold glass of Kölsch!

Hotels in Cologne

The wonderful location of the city of Cologne on the Rhine gives you a hotel accommodation with water view. Let yourself be pampered by an escort or enjoy in common their view! The most beautiful hotels at the river are the Hyatt Regency and the Maritime. Dignified return - especially when accompanied by a lady from escort service - it can also be at the Hilton or Mondial am Dom!

Cologne is known as a city with an attractive cultural scene and has a reputation as one of the most tolerant cities in Germany. Be enchanted by the majestic sight of the Cologne Cathedral, and enjoy a dinner with our escorts spending beautiful moments with one or two High Class Call Girls, according to your preferences.

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