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Dortmund - A city of many facets

Evidence of the first settlement of the area can be date back to the Neolithic period. However, the importance of the city has increased only in the early Middle Ages, the Saxon wars. Few historical records can be found in the documents and reports from the region to the city foundation, therefore it is dated in the vernacular to Charlemagne. The earliest writing, the Dortmund briefly mentioned, dates from the period between 880 and 884th. It was not until the reign of Otto I and his entry into the city around 939, can you find more sources to local practice. This keeps the origin and true meaning of Dortmund until the Middle Ages in the dark. Only under the reign of Frederick Barbarossa, the city moved into the political focus - it could again be Palatinate plant was built and the St. Mary's Church. Approximately 1240 documents can also be found in a list of the 18 councilors of Dortmund and the description of a house on the market that are later described as a city hall. Sometimes one could trace the source of a bad situation before the late Middle Ages to the great fire that raged around 1236 in the settlement. It is the City Archives and the fire destroyed a large part of the building. An important economic aspect of the rise of the place would probably be in the wool trade, primarily with the United Kingdom, from about 1328 to seek. Furthermore, one can assume that in the region for the first time in Germany at all on bonds and treasury operations, one would nowadays call loans, at the time of the Hundred Years' War came. Sometimes time is of the UK Dortmund Hamburg financially dependent. The decline of the city brought the Thirty Years' War. The population was decimated, destroyed homes, buildings and bridges. Trade relations are broken off and the region did not recover it as quickly. Again until the industrialization of the 19th Dortmund century helped to establish itself and grow back to a big city. In the Weimar Republic was formed structures of the architect, Hans Strobel, the architect was, as the People's Park, the Westfall Hall, the stadium red earth and the main cemetery. A major setback was the war damage in World War II: nearly 70% of the city was razed to the ground. The reconstruction turned out surprisingly quickly, and a structural change in the 21 Century transformed the city again.

In the footsteps of past and present

Among the most impressive sights of the city's water castle belongs to the 13th Century, the house Bodelschwingh. From such a facility was originally built Rodenberg, which was converted into a castle Baroque 1688. At that time, the builder built beautiful gardens, which are unfortunately only partially visible. In addition, the noble house, a few house, in the Gothic style, a breathtaking sight for any visitor. Especially in the summer months, the plants are recommended. Our escort ladies will take on a fact-finding tour of the special way you read from your every wish and you may feel like a prince.

The Krügerpassage is one of the oldest streets which is covered with art nouveau elements by their cozy ambience. The domed roof of the building is no longer preserved, but one feels amidst small shops and cafes in good hands and inspired. For an insight into the modern architecture of the city provide the Harenberg City Center, the Berswordt hall, city and state library and the building of the Technical University. In addition, adorn the downtown fountains and monuments that are worth seeing and are perfectly integrated into the cityscape. Especially recommended so the wind well, from the 12th to the tradition of the trade Century building and was used as a horse trough. In contrast to the monument of the artist Arthur Schulze Angel of the brewing tradition of Dortmund remember, was the 1980th An eye-catcher is found in the form of a walk-in sculpture, the Hansa coking plant. It is located on the path of the so-called adventure path, nature and technology that will draw attention to industrialization and the heavy industry of the place. Who wants to take a break from sightseeing or just wants to rest briefly, there are numerous parks, lawns and gardens are available. Few visitors know that the city is almost half of those.

Museums provide a contrast to large lawns and outdoor plants in Dortmund. Here exhibits on the history of the region can be visited up to contemporary art. The Museum of Cultural History offers a wide range of objects, the Museum of Natural History presents life-size replicas of dinosaurs and the Automobile Museum shows superbly maintained classic cars and special features on four wheels. Among the highlights is the Ausbüttels Pharmacy Museum. The exhibition presents an apothecary, with all their medical supplies and curios from the beginning of the remedy to this day. A variety of vessels include raw materials needed for the manufacture of drugs and also the tools such as scales, mortars and instruments are on display.

Events, theater and night driving

Among the most famous theaters in the city are by far the theater and the opera house. From classical to modern viewers will find more variety and acting skills. The productions are expensive, sometimes pretentious, other times plain and simple. The stage convinces with good ensemble and an experienced team behind the scenes. The opera is characterized by its contrast, classical pieces. Even ballet and the orchestra are set to the traditional. Who, however, more concerts and stage shows like that should go into the concert hall or go to the concert hall. There are the public performances of modern music from classical to contemporary music, pop and rock stars as well as musicals.

For entertainment at night make countless bars, pubs and clubs. For balmy summer nights is wonderful to Solendo beach in the harbor. In deck chairs with sand under your feet, and a bar in tropikalischen style can take you to cocktails and the atmosphere affect the waterway at the port up. The Baroque town-cross district and is one of the Szenelokations the city. Similarly is for sure the Q-bar which is popular with locals and visitors.

Delicacies and restaurants

For every individual taste make the city's restaurants that offer everything your heart desires. If you like Eastern European variations, then you should definitely go to the Steak House Mediterranean, which offers a good Croatian cuisine. Portuguese specialties served at the restaurant Carlos and Italian cousin in the appropriate setting, the case of Umberto. Westphalian dishes can be enjoyed at Aunt Amanda and Hövels brewery. Embark on a culinary journey and let us valuable advice about the specifics of the city give our call girls.

Hotels and Lodging

The Steigenberger Hotel offers luxurious comfort and charm. Even the Marriott Hotel is highly recommended and is located in the city center. Equally stylish and superbly is the Hilton hotel in the city. It lies on the Westfalen Park and offers a very pleasant prospect, you can enjoy together with an escort of your choice.