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Hanseatic City of Hamburg

The origins of the metropolis on the Elbe River are in the 8th Century on the Alster. Only in the 12th Century, after the trade has developed rapidly in northern Europe and the settlement of Emperor Barbarossa was the privilege of duty chargeable on the Elbe, Hamburg was a free imperial city. By the medieval League, the Hanseatic League was the place for main trading center for cloth, herring, cereals, spices, wood, metal and beer. Since the discovery of America and the sea route to Asia, Hamburg grew to the largest port in Europe already imports at the end of the 15th and early 16th Century. Had about 300 years later they enlarge the storage capacity and so the famous warehouse district was built between 1881 and 1888 and the harbor was extended to the opposite bank of the Elbe. The expanders and the growing trade made the free port into one of the world's largest camp for carpets, spices, cocoa and coffee. However, until the 19th Century, with industrialization began, the city to grow in terms of area and population, and technology to expand beyond its current walls also. By 1900, the population of the Hanseatic city raised to over a million citizens.

The port accounts for the peculiar charm of the city, which can be accompanied by an escort explore our models, the sound of the waves can listen to the pier and watch the ships as they pass through the channels. In addition, the noble area around the Alster is pretty sexy. The lake, which is actually a tributary of the Elbe and its source lies in Henstedt-Rhen is a appealing place both for locals and visitors from around the world. Spend a romantic afternoon with the escort of your choice on a boat with a glass of champagne and be inspired by the delicate voice of the call girls hijack a historical adventure in one of the most beautiful harbor cities in Germany!

Historic city and modern metropolis at the same time

Hamburg presents itself as a place with a breathtaking backdrop to the lively port traffic with sounds of sea-gulls and idyllic charm of the middle class, on the Inner Alster. It is no coincidence here, most millionaires in Germany and it is the third largest site of musicals around the world to live a cultural and a media center par excellence, a place that is crossed by more than 2,500 bridges wherever a steady breeze rips the air. Among the main attractions without a doubt the Hamburg Stock Exchange, City Hall, with over 400 rooms, the St. Michaelis Church - a church from the 17th Century, the historic city walls of the warehouse district, the Jungfernstieg and of course, the Reeperbahn. Especially for night owls, the Reeperbahn is an impressive patch: Colored lights, flashy and loud. Here, bars, night clubs and discotheques are strung together and the bustle of the street, live music and street entertainers make up the special atmosphere of the promenade. It aims to gather together young and old and all social classes. Once a year, a big street party is organized, the Reeperbahn Festival. The name would suggest, however, is less than spectacular: The name goes back to cable and rope makers who needed to work a long train, ready to ship ropes can.

In addition to the typical Hanseatic architecture in Hamburg, the city provides for all those interested in culture in a variety of museums dealing with the history of the maritime environment, such as the Mineralogical Museum, the German Customs Museum, the Museum at the port, the Maritime Museum or the National Park Hamburg Wadden Sea. For modern and contemporary art exhibitions, the Hamburger Kunsthalle, or art house fame and promote numerous private art galleries and clubs, the young talent. Furthermore, Hamburg, more than any other city, has more than 11 collections of open-air museums in the region and person-related. If you like to learn more about the Hanseatic city, you are happy to accompany our ladies are available and show you their favorite places and exhibitions.

Drama, musicals and nightlife

For a special kick on stage makes the ship, steamer Hamburg culture, which is located on the edge of the famous warehouse district in Nikolaifleet. The repertoire of the plays reaches subjects about political and literary cabaret to the recitals and readings. Modern productions and socially critical plays lead on the St. Pauli Theatre. However, if you want to enjoy more the recklessness of life and focus on fun, witty conversation, however, is the comedy was the Winter Fährhaus that we recommended. Of course, familiar, traditional spectacle will take place in the German theater Ernst, the Deutsches Schauspielhaus in Hamburg or in the theater.

The musical entertainment par excellence is reflected in the musical presentations. Currently listed are musicals like Lion King, Tarzan, Rocky, and Sister Act with great success. Thousands of visitors each year commute to the Hanseatic city, only to see a musical and first hand experience can. You also have to admit that the makers of the events to great lengths to preserve the prestige of the city as a musical capital. In addition to New York or London are not listed here for free most of the performances. If you want to avoid the trouble of the big city, get the unique opportunity with a call girl to attend a musical and you will enjoy gorgeous!

Among the best known is the Reeperbahn nightlife with lots of facilities around the physical well-being and dancing pleasure of the visitors. However, offering further opportunities that are just as fascinating, but less loud and shrill. In the hill district, for example, you can find cozy bars and clubs that are reminiscent of the legacy of the alternative culture scene and multi-culturalism. Meanwhile, the district has become a trendy district and houses such as the Absinthe Bar, which offers many varieties of liqueur or Shishabar Kantoka Culture Café, which exudes oriental ambience cozy. The so-called house 73, adjacent to the Rote Flora, attracts a rebellious character and comfortable serenity of the institution.

Restaurants and Events in Hamburg

Among the culinary specialties of the city, you can expect the Bank Brasserie & Bar, serving hot meals from international haute cuisine and offers the design of the interior. For the oriental variety, the Raven is excellent; the rooms provide bright, flowing shapes for an eye-catcher. French-Mediterranean cuisine and best offers you can find in the Au Quai, which lies directly opposite the Docklands. However, if you preferred more Asian food, so is the sushi restaurant White Lounge is a must. This is a pure pleasure with a spectacular view of the Osterbekkanal. Get to know more exquisite bars and restaurants with our escort ladies and be amazed by the variety of culinary creations and opportunities.

The greatest port festival in the world takes place in Hamburg every May, which enjoys great popularity just as the annual sailing regatta in the summer. If you want to admire the harbor lit up blue, should come to the Blue port in August. In addition to events around the harbor you can watch in the summer months, the main German horse racing at the racetrack Horner. The daily wholesale market is also a motorcycle each year to City event, the Harley Days redesigned. Furthermore found at regular intervals, the Long Night of Museums, held the night and the theater festival literature. For every taste and interest area is culturally provided in the big city and none of its visitors come too shortly.