Gold 400
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    Height:1,70 m
    Weight:52 kg
    Eye color:Brown
    Hair color:Blonde
    Bra size:75 B
    Clothing size:34
    Tattoo/Piercing:Yes / No
    Languages:German, English
    Intersts:Dancing, Going Out, Swimming
    Drinks:Sparkling Wine, White Wine, Champagner, Cocktails
    Companion for:Gentlemen (MM), Ladies, Couples
    Availabilty:Berlin, Hamburg, Hanover, Magdeburg, Germany, International


  • vip-profil-open-minded-escort-girl-nicole-in-berlin-magdeburg-munich-hamburg-frontal-06
    1-Hour Special 
    (Up to 25 KM)
    250 €Ladies and Info
    2-Hour Special 
    (Up to 25 KM)
    350 €Ladies and Info
    Late Night Special 
    (For dates starting from 11:31 p.m.)
    from 300 €Ladies and Info


    2 hours Private Time400 €
    3 hours550 €
    4 hours650 €Additional hour 100 €
    8 hours1000 €
    12 hours Overnight1100 €
    16 hours Overnight1300 €
    24 hours1650 €
    48 hours2600 €
    48 hours Weekend Special2350 €
    72 hours3400 €
    1 week5500 €Additional day 900 €

    Fee for extensions after beginning of date:

      Every additional hour 150 €
     Every additional 30 minute 100 €
     Extension to Overnight +250 € extra
     Extension to 24 hours +400 € extra


    For bookings abroad a Foreign-Country-Fee amounting to 100 and 1.000 Euro is applicable. We will inform you in advance.

  • vip-profil-open-minded-escort-girl-nicole-in-berlin-magdeburg-munich-hamburg-frontal-06
    (This escort lady will be requested in case the desired escort is not available)
    (This escort lady will be requested in case the alternative-model 1 is not available)

    Terms and Conditions

    *Mandatory Information

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